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Hmmm…. delightful

March 20, 2013


Alright alright. It’s March the 21st now and though this was a ¬†few days ago the temperature is still the same. East Anglia has barely had a glimpse of warmth and sun. However the peewits are definitely making springlike noises and the marsh birds are all apairing. I guess that’s down to quantity of daylight. […]

What’s below…

August 5, 2012


  Oh boy Norfolk can deliver it sometimes. Here’s a tide…all big and spring-like with no wind and a sky thats stretches out there somewhere. But STILL what’s appealing is that place beneath the surface, below that gloss and silk. I KNOW that the mullet are there, shrimps too, all scooting about before that tide […]

Human Nature

February 9, 2012


There are places… and there are times when those places become something unto themselves; they become more than the sum of their parts. There begins to be a point where human becomes nature… and this what I’m after.

Moon over Marsh

February 6, 2012


Out just now on the marsh (11pm) not with the big camera but the small digital thing. Quite still, colourless but with a luminosity that came through the thin cloud and was reflected back off the remains of the snow. The tides have not been high so there are still white patches of snow in […]