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‘Hey Charlie’ starts next week

June 12, 2013


Joy or Pain? The show opens next Wednesday at Eleven and hanging day tomorrow.¬†There’s a little catalogue… but there is also a book, in the same vein as the original Saltwater books. ie; slightly shorter than A3 format and 20 pages of stiffish. This is of course the cover. Joy I guess. There is a […]

Note the Wood

May 25, 2013


Shanghai. This ain’t nothing compared to the guy who was carrying 8 25 foot scaffolding poles…. and note the wood.

Wow… very tidy big place

May 24, 2013


This is the People’s Square in Shanghai. Immaculate it is.

Edge of the Gobi

May 23, 2013


Well just when you think you are the only photographer around…..

By the Gobi

May 23, 2013


Beside the Gobi Desert photographing the buddhist cave paintings at Dun Huang. It’s where The Silk Road links China and the west. The paintings are really exquisite, both those on silk and the murals in each of the 500 caves… all preserved just fine by the dry northern air. All flying angels, boddisatvas and buddha. […]

Beijing Streets

May 21, 2013


Beijing at the moment looking at the busy streets full of electric motorbikes, bicycles people people people and magpies that flit about these leafy trees that are all green with spring before the dust gets hold of them and dulls it all down.

On a level with Nelson

May 8, 2013


How much better a view is this of Nelson and Trafalgar square than what you get from ground level. I took it from the top of Admiralty Arch which looks nicely down The Mall too, but it’s this view that makes you get the point of what Nelson’s Column was trying to achieve.    

Harpers on Somerset

May 3, 2013


3 new pictures for new June issue Harpers. Alice Temperley and her gang, Michael and Emily Eavis and Charles Hazelwood at Glastonbury Abbey. What’s ¬†interesting is that I covered each shoot on digital and 10 x8 inch negative… 3 sheets of film on each. When I gave them all the selected files, not telling them […]

Out of Doha. Into the desert

April 21, 2013


I am in Qatar on a commission to photograph the natural landscape. It’s elusive in the ferocious heat of the day, but hey…. when you find it, and when the sun dies down and beats some unexpected magic, it’s quite a thing. All the flatness and bland expanse of desert begins to gain shape and […]

First on the wall

March 4, 2013


First big one goes on show at Art 13 at Olympia, London. At one point a shaft of light came through that lovely curved glass above the Grand Hall, got hold of the picture and played all sorts of illusory games. This picture is the cover of the new book.